View from the top of Vrsuta on Bar Bay

Enjoy the epic panoramic view on Bar Bay, Skadar Lake and sub Adriatic Dinarides[…]

Bobotov Kuk

Hiking toward the highest peak of Durmitor

Bobotov Kuk is the highest peak of Durmitor mountain range and the fourth highest peak in Montenegro (2,523m)[…]

Crvena Greda

Hiking on Durmitor Montenegro

     Crvena Greda is an intermediate level hiking tour and one of the many Durmitor’s over 2000m peaks[…]


Hiking on Planinica Peak part of Durmitor Mountain range

  Planinica is not the highest Durmitor peak, but it is definitively peak with the most beautiful views in every direction[…]


Hiking on the top of Rumija Montenegro

Rumija is the third highest subadriatic Dinaride peak from which you can see Adriatic Sea and Skadar Lake coasts[…]