Vrsuta – Where the Home Is

Vrsuta – Where the Home Is

The most famous quote on Montenegro is written by a British poet Lord Byron: “At the moment of the creation of our planet, the most beautiful merging of land and sea occurred at the Montenegrin seaside. When the pearls of nature were sworn, an abundance of them were strewn all over this area.”

View on Montenegro coast from top of Vrsuta
Merging of the Mountains and the Sea

It is not known from where Lord Bayron was seeing this merging at the moment of inspiration but the best guess is from some of the amazing viewpoints above Bay of Kotor. And it goes without discussion that magical view on Bay of Kotor is a true masterpiece of the creator (regardless of how you imagine him). However, he could also be standing at the top of Vrsuta and would be almost equally impressed with a way mountains emerging from the sea.

Vrsuta is a mountain rising 1,183m above sea level just in the hinterland of the small Mediterranean city of Bar. Bar, including a suburban area of Sutomore, is the city completely surrounded by mountains from three sides, while largely opened to the Adriatics on the southwest. Tucked between the mountains while constantly receiving fresh Mediterranean air, it has, during a whole year,  pleasant climate conditions with 270 sunny days per year on average. It is a famous saying of one of the city governor appointed during the period when the city was under Ottoman empire, who,  after returning from a trip to Istanbul said: “There is no such place like Bar in the entire empire”.


From top of Vrsuta, at least for me, is the most beautiful view on Bay of Bar, since you are high enough, but yet, close enough to the sea and city itself. This is not the case with some of higher popular peaks around Bar like Lisinj and Rumija. Even considerable higher, they are also more distanced from the coast, giving you less sense of power and respect while enjoying the view on the bay. It is definitively one of the most valuable peaks when it comes to effort/reward ratio. In order to enjoy in spectacular view where Subadriatic Dinarides meets the Adriatic Sea it will only require 45 minutes walk in total distance of 3 km while starting walking point is just 18 km from center of the Bar and can be easily reached by car. If you want to experience in person what Lord Byron was writing about, you should definitely come to this place.

Alternatively, you can ride a bike if you are in average shape you will get to Sutorman saddle in 2  hours. From this point, riding a bike uphill to top of Vrusta will be hard, so I advise to push it by you. You can afterward, ride all the way downhill, but still, would recommend having at least MTB with front suspension.

In case you decide to hike during September you can pour and eat blackberries and corals along the way. Both perfect ingredients for homemade jam. Wildlife is not so richfull but from time to time you can catch scorpions or spiders.

Views on two out of three highest subadriatic mountains Rumija and Lovcen and also Skadar Lake are leaving you breathless.

Recently, an information could be read in the media that after Montenegro join NATO, a system of military radars will be installed on the top of Vrsuta. Putting a piece of equipment on such unique place and restrict ordinary people coming here ever again, could be at some level, considered as a “crime against humanity”. Even if you put the most sophisticated artificial intelligence software inside the machine it will still be a piece of metal, unable to sense Mediterranean winds blowing over the peaks, or to enjoy in almost everyday magical sunsets and sense a feel of calmness, power, and respect while watching a dance of the Mountain and the Sea.

Even though my personal opinion is that Montenegro will have, at the front line, significant economic benefits of joining the alliance, however, I strongly disagree to decision to install military equipment on the place as beautiful as this one. There are plenty other not so attractive peaks that can be used for such purpose and hope that decision makers will reconsider finding an alternative location even though construction price will probably be higher having in mind Vrusta easy accessibility. However, everyone who at least once stood on top of this peak knows that experience is truly priceless. For me it is an ultimate place of peace and security and would like to be kept as it is, unspoiled by any kind of construction and machinery.


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